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2013: Gadgets To Look Forward To

By on December 26, 2012
Gadgets To Look Forward To In 2013

Remember when you were young and would dream up the futuristic technology that would be in the palm of your hands one day? So they have created a mock Iron Man suit and a BMW that has a bendable outer shell but what about something that could be in our living rooms in the following year? Here are a few things you might be seeing in a household near you in the upcoming year:

Xbox 720 (Xbox Loop?)
Next Christmas there is a high chance of a new system under your Christmas tree. Will it run windows? Will it take Kinect to the next level? Blu-Ray features? There are many rumors going around but only time will tell. It’s been said that the price will be $300, which is quite ambitious to say the least.

Sony will probably want to get the upper hand on Microsoft and will probably be releasing their most anticipated product before Microsoft. Seeing that they are still selling PS2’s expect the price for the PS3 to drop and remain in stores.

The Hiriko (MIT’s folding car)
MIT’s foldup car can condense to a size to which three of them can occupy a single parking spot. You can park it facing the sidewalk so you could essentially step out right onto the pavement through its front door, which also doubles as a windshield. It can travel up to 75mph and it looks to be ZipCar of the future for those of you college students looking to rent a car.

Augmented Reality Glasses
It looks like 2013 is really the year of future. There was much hype around Google’s Project Glass. To really understand the extent of this technology you’re going to have to see for yourself.

Bendable Phones
This is not something that we hypothesize will happen in the future as if it were just out of the movie Looper, it is happening now. Samsung has already displayed its own OLED tech, which could possibly (and hopefully) be making an appearance in this new year.



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