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Ice Breakers for Guys by Personality

By on January 12, 2013
Breaking the Ice in College

As a new semester rears its head, we all know what’s coming! Fresh classes, different people, and of course, that new cute crush you’ve seen around.

We all know that “breaking the ice” is the key to meeting someone. You need a reason or excuse to talk to her. I’ve categorized various ways based on what kind of guy you are:

(If you’re a GIRL, click HERE for the female “breaking the ice” article by personality)

If you’re an “awkward” guy
If you’re a little bit awkward, then be awkward! Don’t try to hide it or mask it. If you’re approaching her, you’ve already made a leap of bravery and she’ll recognize that. “Hi, soooo uhm… nice weather today, eh?” Say something awkward. If she’s at all interested in you, she’ll be awkward right back and it’ll be great.

If you’re a “funny” guy
Let me just be blunt: girls love funny guys. You already know that the way you carry yourself and the way you speak is going to make people laugh. So pull out the cheesy lines! She’ll know that you’re kidding, but she’ll know you’re funny and that you’re interested in her. “Let’s commit a crime together: I’ll steal your heart and you steal mine.” Cheesy will break the ice. Trust me.

If you’re a “nice” guy
Be an innocent, nice, classy guy. I mean, you already are, so I don’t have to tell you that. If you’re in class, “could I borrow your pencil? Thanks, you’re so sweet.” If you’re at a party or bar, “excuse me, sorry, is there space for another? Oh you’re so sweet.” If she wants a nice guy she’ll bite.

If you’re a “flirty” guy
You’re touchy, physical. Just make sure you’re not inappropriate. Go up to her, and quickly tickle her sides or something, then say “Wow, I’m so sorry I thought you were Jessica. I don’t do that to strangers, I apologize again.” She’ll say it’s fine, don’t worry about it. That’s when you introduce yourself and tell her you feel obliged to get her a drink or something for touching her earlier. If she’s interested, she’ll smile and be more than happy to hang out with you.

If you’re a “shy” guy
Alright shy guys, it’s the oldest trick in the book but it is, in actuality, rarely used. Write your name and phone number on a napkin and have your friend go give it to the girl, pointing out who you are to her. Or if you’re a bit braver, go up to her yourself and give her the napkin then walk away. Who knows, maybe you two will be in touch!

If you’re a “smart” guy
It’s fine, embrace your geeky-ness! Smart is sexy, don’t you forget it. As girls get older they start realizing that men who are organized and intelligent are quite attractive. Go up, and strike conversation with facts or knowledge! Just avoid serious politics and religion both of which are boring or touchy subjects. If you’re at a party, “hey I’m not sure if you knew this, but did you know that in China they sell beer in bags?” Try it out.



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Jessica is currently an undergraduate attending NYU (New York University).

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