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Ice Breakers for Women by Personality

By on January 12, 2013
Breaking the Ice in College

It’s a new semester and you found that new crush!
(If you’re a GUY, click HERE for the male “breaking the ice” article by personality)
If you’re an “awkward” girl
It’s okay, a lot of guys think awkward is cute! He’s just going to be happy you came up to him, so whip out a weird line like “I like your shirt, was it made in Ireland?” He’ll love it.
If you’re a “jokester” girl
Guys love it when they don’t have to be the one carrying the humor. If you like to flaunt your jokes then do it. If you go up to that guy and ask him if he wants to hear a joke, I promise you he won’t say no. “What are prehistoric monsters called when they sleep? A dinosnore!” He’ll be interested in you from the start.
If you’re a “nice” girl
Innocent and cute is the way to go. Go up to him, give a little smile, and start talking about classes. “Are you in my philo class?”
If you’re a “naughty” girl
Hate to say it, but most of us guys are immediately attracted to a physical girl. Go up to your crush, slap his butt or something then say “Oh I’m sorry I thought you were Josh. Arg I’m so embarrassed. I’m Michelle.” He won’t care that a complete stranger just touched him and in fact he’ll probably like it. If he’s interested he’ll love the opportunity to get to know you.
If you’re a “quiet” girl
Ladies all is well, quiet girls are pretty too! Write your name and phone number on a piece of paper, go up to your guy, tap him on the shoulder, look him right in the eyes and tell him he dropped something. Give him the piece of paper and walk away. He’ll think you were brave, trust me.
If you’re an “intelligent” girl
Apply your nerdy-ness to striking up conversation. Believe it or not, guys love smart girls so long as you don’t ramble about political beliefs. At a dining hall? Go up to him and tell him that, “that seat you’re sitting in is 10% solid wood, 35% stuffed fabric, 25% molded plastic, and 30% blessed to have you sitting in it.” Use your facts to flatter.
If you’re a “sports” girl
It really doesn’t matter if your crush is a sports fan himself. You spouting off sports facts and news is just a good ice breaker and no matter what he’ll talk to you afterwards. “Did you see that amazing goal by Lionel Messi last night?” Introduce yourself and just start chumping away about sports. If he tells you he isn’t much of a sports guy, say “that’s totally cool” and just continue on to more interesting stuff. At least the topic got you to break the ice, right?
If you’re a “bubbly” girl
This means you definitely have a unique personality and you don’t do conventional things. Go right up to the guy, and tell him you’re polling people for a survey. “Have you ever wished it was more “socially acceptable” for a girl to ask a guy out?” I can assure you not only is he going to be happy you came up to him, but the question itself will get his mind reeling in the right direction. You’re a quirky girl, I’m sure you can handle it!



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