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Top 8 College Party Themes

By on January 23, 2013
College Neon Party

College is a time where you should try anything and everything, including going to some parties with an insanely fun theme. Or be a leader and throw your own themed party. Either way, here are the top eight themes for a college party:

8. High School Stereotypes – It’s a time to show people what kind of person you were in high school, what kind of person you wanted to be, or what kind of people you hated in high school. Some basic ideas include: Cheerleader, Drama Queen, Jock, Band Kid, Preppy, Emo Kid, Nerd, Geek, Punk, Goth, Cholo, Drama Kid, Tom Boy / Tom Girl, Video Game Dweeb, Roid Ragger.

7. Masquerade – It’s a fantasy that we all have had at some time. Oh and it’s cheap too! All that you, and other people, need is a mask. If you feel it’s necessary, then dub the party more specifically, such as “Winter Masquerade” or “Valentines Masquerade.”

6. Neon – It’s always fun to wear a bunch of different brightly lit colors or one uniform color of neon brights. Oh and emphasize that it has to be skin-tight; to grandma neon clothes!

5. No Pants or Snowpants – I’m not suggesting you go naked! However it is a time to be creative and explore other options. If you don’t want to wear snowpants you’re forced not to wear pants. What should you wear? Maybe a skirt, just undies if you’re confident, or something else.

4. Toga – It’s a classic and for a good reason! Everyone has to go to a toga party sometime in their college careers.

3. Black Lights – Switch the regular light bulbs with black light bulbs and only wear white T-shirts or clothing. Feel free to highlight your shirt(s) with words or designs because under the black lights you’re going to glow!

2. Anything But Clothes (ABC) – Again, I’m not saying you should be naked! It really brings out your creative side. You need to get together an outfit that is anything but clothing (hence the name). For examples, you can use money/paper, flags, insert your idea here. You can only imagine the funny and cute outfits that could come out of this.

1. Seven Deadly Sins – People need to dress according to one of the seven deadly sins, which by the way are pride, envy, gluttony, lust, wrath, greed, and sloth. I could propose some great ideas for each but that would defeat the purpose of you using your imagination!



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