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Body Language Hints & Facts

By on January 25, 2013
Body Language

When two people are engaged with each other, there are dozens of conscious and subconscious nonverbal communications. Things and actions that you do on a daily basis send silent messages to other people around you. If you know what to look for, you can find out a lot about a person just by observing their body language. Here are some hints that you’ll probably find useful when talking to someone you’re interested in:

Gap Closing

GREEN LIGHT: Whether the person knows it or not, if he/she moves closer to you or leans towards you during conversation or other activities, it’s a good sign. When someone’s attracted to you, he/she will want to get as close as possible without actually touching.

The Sigh

RED LIGHT: If someone sighs, unfortunately you are in trouble. Back out and run away. This person is bored or annoyed with you.

Feet Direction

GREEN LIGHT: If someone’s feet are pointing towards you when you two are standing up talking to each other, they’re interested in what you have to say, and probably interested in you. This is generally subconscious.

The Hands

GREEN LIGHT: If someone’s hands are upright, palms up, they’re comfortable with you and want to open up to you.

RED LIGHT: If someone’s hands are clenched into fists or you are unable to even see their hands, back off. They’re trying to cut you out mentally, and are thus subconsciously hiding their hands from you.

Physical Contact

GREEN LIGHT: That slight brush on your elbow or the light touch on your shoulder shows a level of interest higher than everything previously stated. The closer someone gets to you, the more interested he/she is.

RED LIGHT: Someone fiddling with their hands, scratching the back of their neck or scratching their nose, is someone who is uncertain and filled with doubt. Watch out.

The Eyes

GREEN LIGHT: Elongated stares are an obvious one. When in conversation, if they are looking mainly in your eyes during conversation, it indicates serious interest.

The Arms

RED LIGHT: Watch out for people who cross their arms when talking to you. They’re bored and/or getting defensive.



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