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Landing a Job: Facebook Cleanup

By on January 26, 2013
Facebook Cleanup

It’s no secret that a majority of employers will look at your social media accounts, primarily Facebook, when considering you and your application. Half of their reason is because they want to get to know you and who you are, and the other half is because they’re looking for a reason to turn you away based on inappropriate things they may find.

Here is a list of what you should do, and what you shouldn’t do on Facebook when searching for a job:


– Have pictures of you standing in the bathroom mirror, and if you’re a girl definitely no butt-counter pictures.

– Have PDA in your profile picture, even if that person is your significant other.

– Have an animal or pokemon or scenery picture as your profile picture.

– Upload or share pictures of yourself at a party with a beer in one hand and a bong in the other. If someone uploaded a picture of you, employers can still find it even if you’re not tagged in it. Contact your friend(s) to remove any party pictures of you. If you really need those pictures for memory, set them to the private (only me) setting.

– *LIKE* everything you actually like. I’m sure you like 1,000 things but nobody should have that many likes. Just because you like pasta and Italian food doesn’t mean you have to like every page related to that. It’s unprofessional.

– Post hourly life updates. To be honest, none of your Facebook friends care that you “went to the store” and are now “eating pie.” Your potential employer will most certainly raise eyebrows at this.

– Be “married” or in an “open relationship” or any weird Facebook relationship unless of course you’re actually married. Being “married” to your best friend or your best friends little brother is not cute anymore.


– Use a professional photo for your profile picture such as being suited up or wearing otherwise nice clothes, standing next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or you giving a presentation. Once you get the job, you can change it back to that picture of you and your dog.

– Utilize your successes through pictures. If you’re holding a trophy for that soccer tournament or a medal for the speech competition, don’t hesitate to caption “1st place! Wow I’m so blessed.” Employers do want to see how you’ve done well in the past.

– Like a limited amount of pages that represent you as a person. If you have only 3 likes, you aren’t reflecting yourself. Sports, books, movies, hobbies, and general interests are a good place to start.



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Stephen is currently an undergradute student attending UC Berkeley. He's an entrepreneur, developing innovative ideas and executing methods for online marketing and social media.

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