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Flu Season: How To Stop Coughing

By on January 29, 2013

With projections of a big flu season coming around this year, knowing how to subdue your cough is a valuable skill to have. Nothing is more annoying than a painful, ab-wrenching, loud, class-disturbing coughing fit, so here is a list of ways to keep your cough in check.

Keep your throat moist.
Sucking on some cough drops, hard candies, and throat lozenges has been the obvious choice for years, but also remember to keep drinking plenty of water. This’ll flush out the bacteria or viruses that are making you sick, while also keeping your throat wet.

Sleep a lot
Even more justification for your mid-day nap, if your body doesn’t have enough energy to stay awake, you definitely won’t have enough energy to fight off infection and cure your cough.

Drink any hot liquid with ginger, honey, or cinnamon
Start out with some herbal tea, which will loosen the mucus in your throat, the ginger or honey will “coat” and soothe your throat while reducing irritation, cinnamon also naturally loosens mucus.

Don’t eat any dairy or soy
These are the two biggest mucus-causing foods possible, with mucus build up being one of the biggest causes of coughing.

Keep your Vitamin C and D intake up
Both of which promote a healthy immune system, while Vitamin D specifically aids in allowing your T-cells to actually activate your immune system.

Take a hot shower/Breathe in some hot steam.
This will moisten your airways and loosen the mucus in your throat. Plus taking a shower will rid you of all the airborne germs that you may have come across in your busy day.



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