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College Marriage Trend

By on January 30, 2013
Marriage in College

For some reason, I’ve always had this perception that marriage is between two people who are definitely not youngsters, but not middle aged. They’re out of college, working full time. It seems that marriage is starting to trend towards a younger age again. As we all know, when women gained equal rights, they got educated and got married later in life nearer to their 30s. Now, it’s reverting back again.

I understand people who have been with their high school sweethearts or college sweethearts for years. The couple has already managed to balance their own life in addition to maintaining the relationship. What else is there to do, but get married? To answer the question with another question, why the rush? If you two are truly meant to be, waiting longer isn’t going to affect anything, right?

My friend Connor, currently at NYU, defensively retorted “dude, after being together for so long, and being in love, she and I both deserve it. Why wait, when it’s obviously the right thing to do?”

Connor and his girlfriend (remaining anonymous) have been together since before high school, 8th grade. They’re the couple that everyone in high school said, “yeah, if anyone’s going to make it, it’s them two.”

To be honest, while a seven-year or eight-year relationship may seem like a long time, which it is, your life is still young and fresh. What happens if Connor studies abroad for two years? What if his girlfriend decides she won’t be able to go more than 800 days without seeing Connor?

Yes, there are perks of marriage legally and economically, but those should never be a major factor when considering it.

Health Magazine conducted a survey, finding that most American college students think that the best age to get married is 25 or slightly earlier. This is different from previous findings at ages 27 and 29. I know that Connor and his girlfriend want to get married way before that.

Some students have taken it to the next level, getting married while still in college. College Brigham Young University has 25% married students. Granted, it’s a Mormon college, but still.

I just don’t think college students should take it so lightly. There are way too many things that could happen in life that will drastically change things for the worse or for the better.

Just wait. If it’s going to happen, it’ll happen no matter what. Don’t do it just because you feel obligated to.



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