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What 8 Common Texts From Guys Really Mean

By on February 3, 2013
College Girl Texting

Texting is the way of the present. Everyone does it. It’s fast, simple, and can convey all sorts of different types of messages. You can use it to get your questions answered quickly, such as what the homework is for your Psychology class, or you can just good ol’ flirt around with people. We also all know that texting lacks, what I feel Is the most important part of communication which is the facial expressions and verbal fluctuations. In person, you can read a person’s body language, and while you might be able to make a guess from a text, you can never be sure.

We’ve all done. You get a text from a guy, or that guy, and you hurriedly ask your friend or roommate what it means! I’ve done my own research and talked to over a hundred college guys about texting and I’ve narrowed some of the basics down. Here is what a guy really means when he sends certain texts:

The Good Morning Text

If a guy is texting you a goodmorning text, this is extremely good. Every guy I surveyed said that the only reason for that kind of text is because he wants to make her day amazing from the get-go and to keep a smile on her face for at least the first half of the day. A guy is seriously thinking about you if he sends you this text. His goal? You’re thinking about his text and hopefully about him all day!

What to text back: If you like the guy, then encourage him! He already put forth the initial effort, so reply “Morning:] Wanna come get brunch with me?” or “Good morning, I’m about to go to starbucks wanna join:]?” If you’re not interested in him, just reply something like “You too!”

The “Friend-Zoning” Text

This one is sometimes obvious sometimes not. The clear-cut friend zoning text includes the words “best friend forever,” “you’re like a sister to me,” “we’re best buds,” or anything along those lines where he’s plainly telling you you’re his friend and that’s it.

What to text back: If you really want to be with this guy, and he seems to be friendzoning him, give him the silent treatment. If he texts you something like the above, then don’t reply. It’ll give him the message you don’t like that and that also cuts the flirting off immediately. It’ll test him to see what he actually wants.

The “Plan Cancelling” Text

You two were planning on going out to get ice cream or dinner or something date-like, and then he sends you the god awful text saying he can’t make it. Why? He’s not feeling well. According to 114 out of 114 of my survey subjects, unless the guy is legitimately sick, he just doesn’t want to go on this date with you.

What to text back: Offer to bring him something to make him feel better (e.g. soup or hot cocoa). If he is actually not feeling well he’ll be touched and appreciate the love! If he’s just avoiding you, he’ll come up with more sketchy responses to not see you at all. According to John, “a guy who actually likes you will be sure to reschedule some time.”

The “one-word” Text

One-word texts actually have a few more connotations than what you might think. Firstly and most obviously, he might be annoyed, mad, frustrated, and wants to make sure you know that. Secondly, he might be really busy and preoccupied and doesn’t want you to think he’s ignoring you. Thirdly, he doesn’t want to talk to you at all but isn’t ignoring you out of… spite?

What to text back: “Not in the chatty mood today I guess?” According to John, he will either give you some long response about how bad of a day he’s had or what his problem is and it’ll be a good first step to solving the issue. If he replies “nope” then just stop. He doesn’t deserve your texts.

The Compliment Text

If he’s complimenting you, it means he hates you. Just kidding! I think this is a no-brainer. If a guy is compliment texting you then he either thinks you’re attractive or likes you, or both! Most likely the latter is true. My survey unanimously confirmed that a guy who texts compliments is quite into you.

What to text back: “Thank you, you’re too sweet, but you’re actually talkin’ about yourself! :]” This means you acknowledge and appreciate his compliment and give him one as well. Now is the time to start flirting in your texts. Go for it, he’s given the green light!

The “Booty Call” Text

A late night text wanting to “hang out” is definitely a booty call. He doesn’t want to spend time going on a date with you, but probably finds you attractive enough to hook up with. He’s in it for the sex. According to Stephen, he’s even texted a girl at 1AM “you’re the perfect mix of sexy and cute” and it actually resulted in her coming over to “hang out.”

What to text back: Well if you want to be the booty call, then text him back something equally as sexual. If you don’t, then text him back “no thanks” or something that gets the message across that you won’t be that girl for him.

The “Naughty Pic” Text

I think this one’s obvious, but I’ll cover it anyways. If a guy asks for a pic or sends one, I’m willing to bet you two have at least sexted before. Hey, at least he’s being honest with you about his sexual needs. If you want to have some great, leisurely sex then you know what to do!

What to text back: Don’t expose yourself, but give him something to want more of. Show that you’re willing to play his little game but not enough to give him the last crumb of the cookie. It can be fun, but you don’t want to be that girl plastered all over the internet so don’t screw up!

The “Hi” Text

If a guy texts you “hello” or “hi” or “hey” then chances are he wants to get to know you more, and isn’t too sure what to say right away. He wants to see how you respond to see if you have any interest in him. If you just respond with no enthusiasm he probably won’t think you’re worth pursuing.

What to text back: If you’re curious about him too, reply “hi! How are you doing on this fine day” or something that’ll encourage a longer response from him. You two can take it from there. If you aren’t very interested, just reply the same thing he sent. It’ll turn him away.



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