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5 Ways to ACTUALLY Cure a Hangover

By on February 20, 2013

With President’s Day Weekend at its end, many people are trying to find a true cure for that nauseating feeling that only comes from a night (or collection of nights) of some hard partying. So we’re going to cut the nonsense and give you the real answers on how to truly get yourself back to your normal self.

1.) Drink LOTS of liquids.
When you drink alcohol, your body tries have to excrete the alcohol by any means possible, generally leading to either vomiting or urinating a LOT. This in turn leads to dehydration, one of the main causes of the actual hangover. The optimal way to combat dehydration is of course HYDRATION.
Drink a few glasses of water, fruit juice (the Vitamin C will combat the grogginess, replenishing some much needed energy), or ginger ale (this will soothe your stomach and ease the nausea) and you’ll be on your way.

2.) Exercise
If you can manage it, get some exercise into your post-drinking morning routine. A little physical activity will get your metabolism working harder than it would be laying around like a loaf all day, getting the bad stuff out of your system. Stick to light cardio or yoga, something in that ballpark rather than going on a run or going hard at the gym. Heavy workouts will dehydrate you, actually making the matter worse.

3.) Eat some asparagus
Here’s a secret method that has flown under the radar for quite some years now. If you munch on some asparagus, you’ll get a great source of amino acids and vital minerals that’ll lower the toxicity of your liver, which if you have bad hangover, is probably trashed at this point. More importantly, asparagus acts as a “diuretic,” which is essentially fancy jargon for “it makes you pee more,” which is great for getting that alcohol out of your system.

4.) Take some “Milk Thistle”

Never heard of it? Neither has anyone else.
Milk Thistle is a flower, a member of the daisy family, whose seeds’ extract contains a powerful group of constituents called “silymarin.” This silymarin has been shown to have properties that protect and regenerate the liver when ingested. This detoxification of the liver is imperative to getting your body back to your pre-drinking state, so it may be beneficial to pick up a bottle of milk thistle to take before AND after you drink.

5.) Drink Responsibly

Come on, now. At this point in life you should be a decently autonomous, responsible adult, otherwise you wouldn’t be drinking (remember kids, 21 is the legal age). Be sure to count your drinks, be wary of who serves you what, and know your limits. If you’ve had a hangover before, you would know that it’s no picnic.
Enjoy your night, but there’s no true need to get to a point where you’re going to hate yourself in the morning!



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Josh is currently an undergraduate "Computer Science" and "Environmental Economics and Policy" double major at UC Berkeley, working as a Lab Assistant in the EECS department.

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