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Do minorities deserve college more?

By on March 14, 2013
Minority Group in College

With teen pregnancy, gangs, and poverty rising in America, a lot of kids don’t even get the chance to go to high school. People who are taking a plethora of AP classes and pushing themselves to the limit don’t have to worry about starvation, and instead their entire life seems to be revolving around getting into (a good) college.

Things like affirmative action, however, help minorities in insane ways, guaranteeing, at the very least, a lot of brownie points. I think the question at hand here is not only whether affirmative action is fair (when tons of over-qualified students are getting rejected because of their majority race), but what has America come to, choosing minorities simply for the sake of diversity.

Affirmative action gives minorities a boost on their college application just because they’re a minority. For one side, it’s entirely unfair. Students who work very hard and are more qualified will still get rejected because minorities are taking their place. These people, primarily Caucasian and Asian students, argue that only the best applicants should be admitted, regardless of race.

On the flip side, affirmative action drastically aids minorities that need more help than others getting a good education. Many of these minorities are poverty-stricken and break their backs to make ends meet. It would be impossible for these minorities to get out of the hole they’re in without affirmative action. The goal is that, bit by bit, minorities will get better educated over the generations and move up in society.
Is diversity really something that’s important? Many will say yes and have conclusive evidence to back it up. Others will say no and also have viable claims. You should make the decision for yourself.



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