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Should you move in with him/her in college?

By on March 14, 2013
Moving In Together in College

When you’re dating someone, you just can’t get enough of them. Spending time with them when you’re awake starts to feel like it’s not enough! You just have to spend your sleeping moments with them too. So obviously, you move in together. I mean heck, you already leave half your clothes at their place anyways, so you might as well move the rest in.

I’m sure you’ve discussed it with your friends already, and they’ve basically given you one of two answers: 1) You’re foolish and should never move in with your girlfriends or boyfriend because the potential risk of that is huge. 2) If you love someone then move in with them! No questions asked.

I mean, it’s a big deal. Think about what could happen, both good and bad. Do you want to take your relationship to the next level? Are you actually considering marriage? Is he/she? Don’t rush anything.
And by taking your relationship to the next level, I really mean it. You’re going to know their bathroom habits instead of their favorite color. You’ll discover their early morning mood instead of their party attitude. You’ll definitely find out if this is not the person you want to spend your life with. Worst comes to worst? Move out. I know, I know – easier said than done.

I’m sure you guys will run into stupid problems like leaving the toilet seat up, or not cleaning the dishes immediately after eating. But hey, don’t let issues bring you down. There are a lot of pluses to the negatives, like snuggling up at night… every night. And waking up by their side… every morning.
A lot of people think moving in with someone should be put off until marriage, no matter what. It’s more traditional and gives people a great experience. If you already are living together, half the experience of marriage is taken away.

But it’s your life, you decide!



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