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“I wish I had known that…” is a phrase uttered all too often. The college application process, and indeed living in college on your own, is complex and full of twists and turns. We’re here to help you from the start to finish. Whether it’s getting started on that first application essay, trouble in the dorms, joining a sorority, or even being on the look out for careers after college, we’re a resource here for you. (a subsidiary of College Wiz Media LLC) is a website dedicated to providing college students with everything and anything to be kept informed, connected, interested, and motivated to perform at the top of their scholarly game.

Team was founded by three friends and floor mates with the goal of creating something larger than themselves, College Wiz works out of Berkeley, CA, with articles written and edited by elite college students from across the nation. The site is updated continuously throughout each day.








Stephen Zhang CEO and Co-Founder

Stephen is currently an undergradute student attending UC Berkeley. He’s an entrepreneur, developing innovative ideas and executing methods for online marketing and social media.


Hriday Kemburu President and Co-Founder

Hriday Kemburu is currently an undergraduate student attending UC Berkeley.


Josh Perline CPO and Co-Founder

Josh is currently an undergraduate “Computer Science” and “Environmental Economics and Policy” double major at UC Berkeley, working as a Lab Assistant in the EECS department.